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  • Mini Orbital Jitterbug Sander

    Eastwood Jitterbug Orbital Air Sander lets you sand large panels or workpieces without fatigue. Orbital Air Sander has a free speed up to 8,000 RPM to[...]

    Price 42.00€

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  • SAE, Metric and Torx Long Arm Hex Key Set

    This Eastwood Long Arm Hex Key Set offers you a wide assortment of different sizes for the versatility to tackle any project. Features a longer arm[...]

    Price 24.90€

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  • Body Filler Spreaders 5- pack

    With 20 different straight and curved edges, you'll be able to precisely apply body filler on any surface shape. That'll leave less to sand off after [...]

    Price 8.95€

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  • Digital Multi Meter

    Pen style digital multimeter with digital LCD display, data hold function, auto power off, auto range, overload protection and complete with 2 alligat[...]

    Price 55.00€

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  • Multi Purpose Cap for Eezibleed

    This multi purpose cap enables the standard Eezibleed to be used on a wider range of vehicles by providing a clamp-like grip on the brake fluid reserv[...]

    Price 23.00€

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  • Grease for 3999

    Water proof grease for Mini Grease Gun Part No 3999 light grease For precision greasing Use with Mini Grease Gun Part No 3999 Waterproof Supplied[...]

    Price 6.90€

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