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  • Mig Stud Welding Kit

    MIG Stud Welding Kit transforms your MIG welder into a Stud Welder. [...]


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  • Bead roller + Shrinker-Stretcher

    Special combo offer: Shrinker/Stretcher Combo Set handles most of you[...]

    Price 538.00€

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  • Magnetic Earth/ground 250A

    Don’t let yourself struggle to find a place for the earth clamp - j[...]

    Price 21.00€

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  • All Trades Workshop Wipes 100 pcs

    Specially fomulated for removing oil, grease, paint, expanding foam, [...]

    Price 9.75€

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  • Star Bit Set 12pc

    Stubby Star bit set in three drive sizes. Stubby Star bits for use i[...]

    Price 24.90€

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  • Star Bit Set - Ball End 1/4"D

    A seven piece ball end, Star bit set with 100mm shafts. Star is the e[...]

    Price 28.50€

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  • Magnetic Ruler - 605mm

    Suitable for bodyshop, fabricators, welders and classic car restorers[...]

    Price 6.95€

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  • Mechanics Brush Set 5pc

    Five essential brushes for cleaning all parts of the cars | vans | bi[...]

    Price 13.90€

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  • Tube Cutter 3-28mm

    A handy adjustable tube and pipe cutter ranging from 3-28mm. Spare b[...]

    Price 14.95€

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  • Thread Restorer M4-M45

    Quick-adjustable Thread Restorer - 55-60 angle blade. Adjustable cut[...]

    Price 49.50€

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  • Razor blade 20 pcs.

    Individually wrapped. Made in the USA. The manufacturing process ens[...]

    Price 3.75€

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  • Professional Scraper

    A professional scraper with soft grip handle. Loaded with single sid[...]

    Price 7.95€

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  • Quick Lock Accessory Pack 25pc

    The Abracs range of "Quick lock" products can be used for cleaning, s[...]

    Price 49.00€

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  • Plastic Razor Blades - 20pc

    Suitable for removing pinstripes, stickers, bugs, tar, adhesive etc.[...]

    Price 4.75€

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  • Dent Puller Kit with 10 Pads

    Includes 10 assorted glue pads. Instructions supplied. Manual opera[...]

    Price 97.50€

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